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House-Painters Melbourne

Do you need reliable, local, trusted and professional painters for your home? Quest Paintings provides you with the best house painting services that are cost-effective. Also, we are here to beautify your home by giving you a high-quality finish for you and your family.

Our painters at Quest Paintings are certified, licensed and insured for house painting services in Mel-bourne. We also have been in the business for several years in terms of both interior and exterior painting.

We do work all around Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. Our team covers mostly the Eastern Suburbs, but we are also there to help people in the Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs and Western Suburbs too. Our teams have completed thousands of house painting work in the last few years. Whether it is a small or large job, our Melbourne painters can handle the painting projects.

Residential Painting Melbourne

Are you looking for residential painting services for your home? Our house painters have a positive attitude towards their work and have the skills to complete the job properly. We ensure that the painters have at least a minimum of 5 years of exposure in the field. We work with a staff that professional, have a sense of integrity and personable. This will make you feel comfortable with letting them work in your home.

Our painters are professional, friendly, licensed and qualified. Additionally, we will make sure that all the house painters take great care of your home and its belongings. We ensure that we keep the workspace tidy and neat.

Every day, we send out our team of painting experts to different properties to work on. But, they en-sure that they pick up any mess they make along the way. We ensure that your home is clean and neat, and this way, we ensure that your family can continue to live with relative ease.

The painters at Quest Paintings treat your home like it were our own. Though it can be difficult to de-cide on the right paint colour, we provide you with a free colour consultation service and then go ahead with painting your home. We have several years of experience behind our belt but what’s more important is to ensure that you are happy with our work. Our residential painters will be happy to provide you with any advice that you need.

If you are worried about the cost of painting your home, then you can request us for a Free quotation, and we will work out what’s best for your home.

You can check with us about our warranty of 3 years on our workmanship that will protect the investment of your home for years. In case of a rare occasion if there is a problem with the paint job, then we will be there to fix it with any hassles.

Quest Paintings is one of the most reputed painting services company in Melbourne. We pay special attention to detail and ensure that our work is of high quality. We also use paints that are environ-mentally friendly.

If you would like any help or information regarding our residential painting services, then feel free to reach out to us at 0401 662 228 today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to painting a house, first, we pressure-wash walls, repair damaged surfaces and re-move loose paint. Then, we caulk trim, prime stains and protect doors, lights and windows. Finally, we paint the exterior and then the trim and doors.
For an average-sized house, it usually takes three to four days to paint for two or three people. Here, the average-sized home is one or two stories for four or fewer bedrooms. Larger homes which are three-story or have five-plus bedrooms would take up to six days to complete.
You should choose light colours like soft yellows, pinks, lavenders and blues. This will bring in the sense of tranquillity in your room. If you are looking for a calm ambience in the bedroom, then choose warm colours or lighter shades.
It costs about $2 to $6 per square foot. But most painting work averages at around $3.50 per square foot. Normally, the projects cost anywhere from $950 to $2,800. For a home which is 2,300 square foot, you can expect to pay in the range of $4,000 to $11,000.
Yes, we offer a warranty. You will receive a written warranty for our workmanship for a period of 3 years.