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At Quest Paintings, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality of work with the best paint and workmanship for exterior painting in Melbourne. You can be sure that you get a warranty for three years for our workmanship. Our exterior painting services ensure that you will get work of high quality and our assurance.

You can rest assured that the exterior of your house painting will leave you with a finish that is long-lasting and durable. This is because money spent on having your home or apartment building painted should not peel away due to bad preparations, and the use of cheaper materials. We ensure that we do everything right and prepare in advance so that your paint job looks great even after five or ten years once we have finished with it.

We work on all types of projects pertaining to exterior painting. For us, there is no project that is small or large for exterior house painting. Our team can paint on exterior walls, fascia, aluminium siding, eavestrough and composite. Also, we can take on railings, stucco, patios, fences, decks, rooves and much more.

Additionally, we can take care of issues like stain removal, graffiti and water damage problems. Once our work is done, your home will look even better. Our team uses special products to repair surfaces and eliminate the problem and bring it back to its original look.

We also work on rust removal. In case the house shows in areas of rust, we will step in and remove it and ensure that our house painting is not marred by a problematic rust issue. We can cure and re-move it in time. When you kill rust, it usually turns black. After this, we wire brush all the affection regions and then sand it. Once the rust is removed, we can then paint the area with an oil-based undercoat. Our talented team of painters are there to help you along the way, and we will be able to handle all sorts of exterior painting work that you have in store for us.

Exterior House Painting Melbourne

In case you are wondering if you need to call an exterior house painter, then you should carefully look at the condition of your property and then decide. In case your house is flaking, cracking, chipping or bubbling, then it is time that it needs a fresh coat of paint to get it back to look great again.

In a similar way, you should call exterior painters if you see hardened caulking and if the paint has faded. Also, if you would like to change the exterior colour of your home and the house does not seem finished properly, then our team is ready to take on the job and help you. Likewise, when there are small renovations, there is a need for an exterior house painting to improve the overall look of your home.

Please call us at 0401 662 228 today if you need help with exterior painting, and we will be there at your service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Exterior paint lasts 5 to 10 years based on the type of paint and the surrounding environment. You can lengthen the time that a finish lasts by prepping the surface properly and investing in a paint which matches the type of exterior that needs to be repainted.
The best paint that you can use for the exterior of your house is Acrylic water-based wall paint. This will ensure that your wall is waterproof and allows moisture in the wall to evaporate.
It's best to paint a home's exterior in early summer or early fall when there are minimal rain and fluc-tuations in the temperature from day to night. In this way, the paint will get a chance to dry and cure.
You should ensure that before you begin painting your home, the surface should be dull, dry and clean. Then, you should wash off all mildew, dirt and chalk and protect the landscape with plastic. Once the house is cleaned, scrape off peeling or cracked paint, sand and prime it.
Since the cost of exterior paint varies, the quoted rates could be between $6,000 and $33,000. While standard weatherboard homes cost around $6500 to $11,000, the Queenslander style homes can cost anywhere between $10,000 to $25,000.
Yes, Quest Paintings offers its customers a warranty of 3 years of our workmanship.