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Roof painting in Melbourne takes a lot of preparation and not like most other painting work. This is especially for those roofs that do not get exposed to the elements and pollution like lichen and moss.

It requires knowledge and special care when it comes to preparing for roof painting Melbourne. The initial step taken is to determine whether working on the roof can be done safely. This will protect our painters from falls and other injuries and ensure that the work goes on well.

After the safety systems are established, then we check the roof thoroughly to ensure that it is strong and sound. In the process, we will replace sheets or tiles, replace old screws and flashing and then go ahead and pressure wash the roof. Now that the roof is clean, we tape off and mask all areas of the roof and other areas that are not to be painted. Though this is a painstaking task, it is necessary to avoid painting over-cladding, gutters, bricks and other parts that are not intended to be painted.

Once the roof is clean and taped up, it is time to start applying the undercoat to the roof. There are certain climatic conditions that should be adhered to before applying paint to the roof. If you do not stick to these guidelines, then it will shorten the product’s lifespan.

The application of paint is made with an airless sprayer, and it varies in quality and cost. A good skill set is needed to apply roof paint. At Quest Paintings, we use the best of airless sprayers that are op-erated by skilled painters that have many years of experience in painting roofs in Melbourne.

Roof Painting Services Melbourne

Roof painting is sure to boost the aesthetic value of your home. But, it can also increase the longevity of the roof material. There are several kinds of roofs that can be painted like colour bond roofs or concrete tiled roofs or even metal roofs. You should know that there are some roofs that cannot be painted on like asbestos roofs, terracotta and thatched roofs. We at Quest Paintings use Deluxe paint for our projects.

When it comes to roof paints, it is based on a three-coat system and is water-based. The type of roof will determine the product that is used, and they should consist of an undercoat which is followed by two topcoats. Our roof painters use specialised equipment and skills to deal with the process and paint roofs.

If you paint a colour bond or metal roof, it can increase the longevity of the roof, especially where the trees and branches have damaged the original roof coating. Your roof would probably gain from roof painting based on the type and material of the roofs. Also, it would be best if you matched the paint on the roof to extend its longevity.

We are here to take your questions about roof painting services in Melbourne. Our expert team is there to find out the best solutions for your roof and what we can offer you. Do call us at 0401 662 228 or email us at for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel that your roof looks old, then you add some colour to it. This is an inexpensive method ra-ther than having your roof replaced. Roof painting can be applied to different forms of roofs like ter-racotta tiles, concrete tiles and colour bond roofs.
The roof is great when a good quality roof paint is used, and these paints have high UV stability and high-end colour pigments to endure the relentless sun and weather exposure.
Yes, our services include painting and roof repair. We suggest that the damaged tiles are replaced, and then the newly painted roof will not leak. By repairing the tiles and then painting them, we will ensure that you have a roof with a uniform colour.
In case there are any problems with our roof painting service then you can call us at 0401 662 228 to discuss the issues, and we will be there to help you.
Yes, we can paint your house and your roof. You can call us or email us and ask us for a quote, and we will work closely to ensure that the final work costs are within the quotation that we will share with you.
Usually, to paint a roof, it takes about 2 to 3 days based on the weather. We guarantee that we will work around this time frame to finish painting your roof.
In case your home has a warm-coloured roof like a rusty tan or brick red then you should choose brown, beige or tan colours. If the roof has a cool colour like slate grey or black, then you should choose colours like green, grey or blue.
The cost of painting a roof is around $6,000, and the cost can reach up to $20,000 or more. It could be time to replace your roof, but if you are looking to change the colour, then roof painting is less expen-sive and can make your roof look new once more.
Yes, we do offer a warranty. You will get a written warranty for three years for our workmanship.